Hyper Layer Sponsors

Hyper Layer’s Sponsors Program Is Designed For Game Server Owners & Communities To Receive Benefits For Using Hyper Layer.

Sponsor Application Requirements

  • The applicant must have a Hyper Layer game server for more then 3 months
  • The applicant must be the owner of the game server.
  • The server(s) must average 10+ players at any given time.
  • An advertising plan such as server listings etc.
  • Sufficient funds to maintain the server
  • Sufficient Follower Base - Discord/Twitter/Facebook

Perks A Sponsor Could Receive

  • Everything in partner*
  • A discord "Sponsored" tag
  • Low resource Game Server or High Resource Game Server
  • Customized coupon code for you, your fans, your clients and your community to use.
  • Starter Webhosting Plan
  • Private Twitch, Mixer RTMP Relay